'dé ijskraam van het Heuvelland'
Camerig 22
6294 NB Camerig, Vijlen
(tussen Vaals en Epen)
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Welcome at the Wingbergerhoeve!

Wingbergerhoeve is located alongside the route between Epen and Vaals. The Farm belongs to the family of castles due to the (former) quarry around the Residence (wich dates from 1697).

At the Wingbergerhoeve stands the famous ice-cream store. The Burgundian lifestyle of the Limburgers finds it effect here. The ice-cream servings are therefore not tight but are always measured over. The ice cream with fresh fruit from the region are certainly a must. Besides the delicious ice cream you can enjoy a cup of coffee and the wonderful view over the Geulvalley. The fresh fruit is also sold separately and also incorporated in delicious regional products like jam, apple-pear syrup( in limburgs “zeem”) and honey. The Wingbergerhoeve is easily accessible by car and motorcycle (there is an ample parking) and located along many hiking and biking routes.


from Sunday 11 march

every day open


until 24th march every day 10:30 till 19:00

25th until 31st march every day 10:30 till 20:00

from 1st april every day 10:30 till 22:00


See the opening hours for more information



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